Why you should get a certified medical expert for your claim

Why you should get a certified medical expert for your claimIf you need to make a whiplash claim, you need every possible bi of help – which is why you need a certified medical expert to support your case.

If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident that’s left you with a particularly nasty case of whiplash, you need to take every step you can to ensure that your personal injury claim is successful. One of the most important things to do is to have yourself examined by a medical expert that has been certified to provide specific testimony related to whiplash injury, as this will strengthen your case, but beware: insurers can use these certified experts to refute your claim as well.

a tale of two reporting firms

There are two major medico-legal reporting firms that provide accreditation to medical experts when it comes to whiplash injury, and they have both just signed off on an important new certification process. This means that you need a medical professional that has passed these rigorous accreditation processes in order to safeguard your claim.

The two entities, Premier Medical Group and Premex Group, have left their, leaving their imprimatur on anyone who uses the certification to instruct third parties will be accredited with high professional integrity standards. A medical professional that wishes to be awarded the accreditation first need to complete up to two new modules, dependent on their specialisation, and includes making sure the expert not only has up to date knowledge on whiplash and related soft tissue injury treatment and diagnosis methods but also has a full and complete understanding of legal rules controlling civil procedure.

Completing the instruction will earn the expert a Certificate in Medical Reporting, and could grow to be a quite sought-after certification for anyone looking to make a whiplash injury claim. Insurers defending against a claim will also most likely be looking for medical experts with the certification as well, as these experts that examine claimants on behalf of defendants could possibly help deter the flood of spurious whiplash claims that have been gripping the country and driving up costs for insurers.

it’s all about the bottom line

Controlling these costs is key to keeping insurance premium costs down, as massive payouts made to successful claimants have purportedly been draining the coffers dry of the insurance industry as a whole. Insurers and personal injury claims experts alike have come together to admit that whiplash fraud is indeed a major problem in the UK, with billions of pounds being spent on payouts to fraudsters engaging in ‘crash for cash’ schemes or who fabricate road traffic accidents completely out of thin air.

The biggest problem is, of course, the fact that lawyers can and do charge ‘success fees’ to losing defendants that are in addition to any payouts made to injured claimants. However, with new legal rules coming into effect in April of 2013, this practice at least will come to an end, as these same lawyers will now be required to take out their success fees from the winnings of their successful clients instead of soaking insurers for even more cash.

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