Why making an accident claim is always a good idea

Why making an accident claim is always a good ideaIf you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident you may be reticent to bring a claim against the other driver, but not doing so could be the wrong choice.

It can be an ordeal to bring an accident claim after you’ve been involved in an RTA, as you’ve got to seek legal advice and then go through all the motions involved therein. When a simple claim for damage done to a vehicle gets compounded and complicated by bodily injury to yourself or your passengers things can get that much more muddled and confused, leading to some drivers to suffer in silence with injuries such as whiplash instead of seeking personal injury compensation, but it’s never a good idea to do so.

you’ve got rights – exercise them

Most people may not spend much time thinking about this, but it’s an absolute fact: you have a legal right to be compensated for any damage sustained to your property or any injuries suffered by you in the event of an accident that occurred through no fault of your own. Even if an incident occurs that may be partially your fault, this doesn’t mean that any other contributory parties are free and clear of any responsibility in the matter, as they are legally bound to pay their fair share of the damage done, whether that be compensation for your pain and suffering or paying a portion of the costs to repair or replace a damaged or written-off vehicle.

It’s incredibly important to exercise your legal rights when it comes to compensation, especially in the current economy where so many of us are in precarious financial situations. When it’s already a bit of a struggle to make ends meet, a serious disruption like the loss of a vehicle or an inability to work until you heal from a nasty whiplash injury can lead to economic ruin for many households with dwindling cash reserves, but making a claim for damages can restore to you at least a portion of what you have lost financially and could spell the difference in keeping your household afloat.

don’t be afraid of being ‘part of the problem’

Many Brits feel reticent to bring accident claims based on all the negative attention the so-called ‘compensation culture’ has gotten in the press over the past few years. Rampant insurance claims for bodily injury or vehicular damage have rocketed the cost of insurance, critics say, leading to heightened premium prices for the average driver as insurers scramble to recover their legal costs, but those injured in legitimate accidents and that need compensation are not to blame for the current state of affairs.

In fact, the insurance industry as a whole may be responsible for these out of control costs, according to recent government investigations that have taken place both in the past and that are ongoing at the moment. Insurers as a whole have been accused of inflating costs arbitrarily in order to maximise their revenues to the point where the Competition Commission is conducting detailed investigations into the matter, which means that it is insurers themselves, and not innocent victims of road traffic accidents, that are responsible for the current state of affairs.

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