What you should look for in a personal injury solicitor

What you should look for in a personal injury solicitorIf you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident, odds are you’re going to need a good personal injury solicitor to represent your interests in court.

Nobody wants to have to resort to seeking legal advice, but sometimes – such as in the wake of a car accident that has left you with whiplash or an even more serious injury – you truly have no choice but to find a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle your accident claim. However, there are any number of personal injury law firms out there, so make sure you select a solicitor that fits your needs and that you feel you can trust.

no win no fee or no time of day

The first thing you should make sure is that the personal injury lawyer you’re using is going to take your case on a conditional fee arrangement. Also known as ‘no win no fee,’ this particular arrangement means that you won’t be charged up front for any of the court costs or legal fees incurred by your legal team on your behalf; in fact your lawyers won’t get paid at all in any way whatsoever unless your claim is successful, which acts as an excellent motivator for a legal team.

In addition to that, finding a no win no fee solicitor is especially important for any claimants that have been injured so severely in a road traffic accident that they can no longer work. Even a whiplash injury, if serious enough, can see you missing weeks or even months of work as you recover, and with no money coming in you’re going to need every last penny to help pay for your living costs; you can’t spare any to pay towards your legal representatives, and no win no fee arrangements preclude you from having to worry about such an arrangement.

never use a claims management company

Another important thing to look out for is that of the claims management company trap. These CMCs are keen to ‘help’ you manage your personal injury compensation claim, but these are not law firms – instead they will ‘manage’ your claim by referring you to a law firm, usually in exchange for some sort of compensation from the law firm that ends up taking your case, and sometimes even while charging you a ‘modest’ fee for their services.

The problem is that most claims management companies tend to obfuscate the fact that they are in fact not legal firms. This has led to more than one unpleasantly surprised claimant that signed a contract with a claims management firm for ‘legal representation’ only to be sucked dry by administrative fees and court costs.

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