What not to do after a road traffic accident

What not to do after a road traffic accidentIf you’ve been in a road traffic accident you may be hurt, confused, scared, or even cross, but no matter what, there are things you simply must not do.

It’s all too easy to let fear, anger, or any other emotional response take over in the aftermath of a car accident, especially one that may have left either you or one of the passengers in your vehicle injured in some way. While it may be supremely difficult, you need to keep a steady head on your shoulders and avoid some of the worst but unfortunately most common things people tend to do without thinking.

don’t rush off after an accident

Whether’s is just a bit of a prang or if it’s a major incident, you should never ever turn tail and run from the scene, either on foot or in your vehicle, until the authorities have arrived. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one would be to keep yourself protected.

Driving off or stumbling away from an accident site could prove bad news if you’ve been injured in the accident. In your dazed and confused state, you may not even realise you’ve been injured, which is all the more reason to sit down, stay put, and make sure someone rings up the police and possibly the ambulance – not to mention the fact that committing a ‘prang and run’ is a very serious offence that could see you facing serious repercussions.

Don’t let your temper get the better of you

As important as it is to not let your fear take control and make you motor off to somewhere safe instead of staying put, it’s just as crucial to keep a level had in the aftermath of the accident, as you’re going to need to deal with the other driver and the authorities. Losing your cool is a going to make a bad situation much worse, and while you may be sorely tempted to vent your spleen on the person who hit you – especially if it was their fault the accident occurred – doing so is going to end poorly.

You need to rein in your temper because there are so many things that need to be taken care of after an incident, such as exchanging insurance information, recording details of the incident in order to give your insurer a clearer picture of what happened, and speaking with the police or emergency services. Becoming irate can and will prevent all these things from happening in the way they’re supposed to, and you’ll end up missing highly relevant information that could complicate any accident claims you may need to make in order to get your vehicle repaired or replaced, so do yourself a favour and keep your anger in check.

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