How to get 100 per cent compensation for your neck injury

How to get 100 per cent compensation for your neck injuryIf you’ve been in a road traffic accident that led to a debilitating neck injury, you need to make a personal injury compensation claim, but how do you ensure you get what you deserve?

The personal injury claims sector – especially the whiplash claims sector – can be very confusing and hard to navigate without the best pilot you can find to take the helm. However, there are a lot of unscrupulous personal injury solicitors out there, and you need to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure you get 100 per cent compensation from your injury claim.

No win, no fee, no exceptions

The biggest thing you’ve got to watch out for are wolves in sheep’s clothing purporting to be ‘no win no fee’ solicitors yet try to get money out of you up front. The conditional fee arrangement is part of the civil justice system in order to provide access to justice for those who could not otherwise afford to pay for legal counsel, so if you ever encounter a personal injury lawyer that needs an up-front fee you need to find someone else to represent your interests – and warn all your friends as well!

The current way that no win no fee works is that lawyers that bring a successful injury claim are entitled to recover their costs exclusively from the losing side, which means your compensation award is completely untouched by the hands of your legal team. However, from April 2013 this will change in that successful lawyers will now pull from your compensation payment instead – but don’t worry, because the same new regulations that call for the change also call for a cap on the amount your lawyer can charge you whilst simultaneously increasing damages awards by around 10 per cent across the board, so you’re not going to lose out on a single penny in the long run.

Leave no stone unturned

It shouldn’t be hard to find a good solicitor firm that will treat you fairly and not try to pull the wool over your eyes. Once you do – and make sure you feel comfortable with them before agreeing to allow them to represent your interests in a court of law – you still have quite a bit of work ahead of you to ensure you maximise your compensation payout.

The right lawyer is an important and necessary part of your plan to win your compensation claim, but even the best lawyer needs the help of their client in order to win cases. This means that if your solicitor needs you to submit to medical examinations in order to gather evidence to support your claim, you’ve got to follow through in a timely manner to help build the legitimacy of your case; neglecting to do so or dragging your feet can result in placing the outcome of your case in jeopardy.

Your personal injury solicitor is trying his or her absolute best to do anything and everything it takes to ensure you receive your damages for the injuries you suffered through no fault of your own. It’s only fair that you match their efforts on your end, as this benefits both you and your lawyer in that it makes your case more likely to be decided in your favour – getting you the money that you need so badly to help get you through your recovery and getting your solicitor paid for a job well done.

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