How to find a good neck injury lawyer

How to find a good neck injury lawyerIt’s unfortunate, but odds are sooner or later you’re going to end up in a road traffic accident and end up with a bad case of whiplash and need to find a good lawyer.

It’s happened to many Brits – you’ve been sitting there, just waiting for the light to change, when all of a sudden you’re slammed into from behind, sending your neck back and then forward and leaving you in paroxysms of pain. It’s not your fault; after all you were the one on the receiving end of the rear-end shunt, but now you’ve got to deal with the sometimes debilitating pain from a whiplash injury while also facing having to find a good neck injury lawyer to represent your interests, but what do you find a good one?

reputation is everything in this business

One of the first things you need to learn – and learn in a hurry – is that you’re going to have to find a reputable law firm to represent you in your legal battle for personal injury compensation, but beware: you can’t confuse a good reputation with a slick advert campaign. Personal injury solicitor firms are ‘in it to win it,’ so to speak – they’ve got a vested interest in presenting themselves in the best light at all times – so you’re not going to get the most accurate representation of their reputation from the solicitor directly.

Instead, you’re going to have to do some research into any law firm you’re considering by looking into what their colleagues and clients are saying about their experiences with them. Credibility is key, so you should begin your search by first asking around the people in your close family or friend circles to see if they have any good ideas – odds are you know someone that has had to enlist the aid of a solicitor for a personal injury claim somewhere along the line.

Be honest with a prospective lawyer

Just like you were taught as a child, honesty is the best policy when it comes to evaluating people. The same goes for lawyers; when you’re face-to-face with a prospective solicitor, be honest with them and tell them about your fears when it comes to bringing a whiplash claim – if they’re willing to speak to you at length about what you can expect when you make a case and answer all your questions to your satisfaction, you’re most likely dealing with someone who’s competent and has the best interests of their clients in mind.

Even after you think you’ve identified what you think is a keeper, don’t ever just jump in with both feet. If you have to, sleep on the decision to give yourself time to process all the information you’ve been given; trust your instincts before committing to enlisting them as your chosen legal representative.

When in doubt, run

Finally, don’t feel like you’ve got to use a particular solicitor firm if they’ve taken the time to go over things with you at length but your spider sense is still tingling. You should be especially skeptical if you’re told that you need to provide any sort of up-front payment to your prospective legal representative, as the vast majority of personal injury lawyers specialising in whiplash injury claims operate under a ‘no win no fee’ contingent fee basis, which means that you’re off the hook when it comes to paying court costs and legal fees – if your case isn’t successful, your lawyers simply don’t get paid.

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