Compensation Terms

We need to ensure that:

1. There is a strong likelihood that your accident claim will be successful.

2. The third party for whom we are bringing the claim against was adequately insured.

3. Liability has been admitted by this third party.

4. Your compensation claim is worth in excess of three thousand pounds. This minimum figure must be attainable following a review of a medical report that is approved by you.

5. We have not paid a referral fee for being introduced to you (i.e you have found us direct via

6. We are the first (and only) solicitors that you have instructed for your claim.

7. You agree to sign a legal contract that will consent to us deducting the money advanced to you upon the conclusion of your case.

8. You are eighteen years old or more.

9. You acknowledge that you have the right to obtain 3rd party legal advice with regard to the contract for compensation.

10. This offer must not in any way have induced you into making a whiplash claim for compensation with our practice.

Without exception, these terms shall apply to each and every customer of Lamb Law Limited (trading as The Whiplash Claims Centre).

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