Four alleged fraudsters facing charges in Merseyside

Weekly whiplash news review: 7 days ended 5 Dec 2012:

Bad news for four blokes from Merseyside this week, as they stand accused of engaging in making fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ car accident claims.

Police investigating the possibility of the fraud discovered that a group of men hired a coach to provide transport for them to for a night out at a dog racing track located in Manchester for a night out, only to have several passengers claiming that while the coach was on the M57  it was struck by another vehicle, even though the coach suffered no discernible damage and that the drier of the coach reported not feeling any such collision.

However, several of the men that had hired the coach began to complain of whiplash-like symptoms, such as soreness and stiffness in their necks, prompting them to change plans and instead return to a pub in Bootle.

Meanwhile, the insurance company found themselves looking down the business end of 30 whiplash claims, prompting investigators for the insurer to spring into action. The insurers discovered that there had never been a booking for a group of men to be taken to the dog track, and an independent investigation into an alleged case of deliberate damage done to the car prior to the supposed collision is being conducted by City of London Police.

Based on the suspicions of the insurer, the police force’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department became involved, leading to four arrests made in Liverpool in June and July according to Detective Chief Inspector Dave Wood. The insurance industry is being bled dry by scammers and crash for cash fraudsters to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds, said DCI Wood, resulting in innocent drivers not just having to pay extra on their premiums but also being placed in danger by these criminal motorists.

Four counts of conspiracy to commit fraud through false representation were handed down to 26 year old Liam Gray, 35 year old Kevin Hamilton, 22 year old Joe Hindley, and 20 year old Ben Carberry. All four will be appearing before magistrates in the City of London later this week.

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