Keighley couple nicked on suspicion of accident claim fraud

One couple from Keighley has been nicked after evidence came to light implicating them in a fraudulent whiplash claim they made in April of last year.

The City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department was tipped off by the husband-and-wife team by their insurers, who had suspicions on whether or not they were being honest with the details of a 2011 road traffic accident in Berkshire. The West Yorkshire Police became involved in the couple’s arrest one early morning this last week, with the 27 year old man and 26 year old women carted in for questioning before being released on bail.

Set up with funding from the insurance sector, the IFED’s main goal is to put an end to the £3 billion a year lost through whiplash scams. Whiplash fraud costs normal, law-abiding motorists around £50 a year in heightened premium payments, but IFED detectives have been hard at work since the January launch of the new department, arresting suspected rings of fraudsters out to make everyone’s lives more miserable by pulling the wool over unwitting insurers.

Believe it or not, it’s never been acceptable to soak an insurance company for thousands of pounds in ill-gotten gains, nor is it all right to run up massive legal costs that have to be paid by insurers due to the current state of the no win no fee legal system. However, this will change slightly next year, as new legislation going into effect in April 2013 will see winning claimants having to pay their own lawyers’ fees finally, which could also act as a deterrent to fraudsters by reducing the overall amount of their personal injury compensation awards.

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