Unbelievable: man sued for refusing to make fraudulent claim

As if the personal injury compensation sector isn’t confusing and infuriating enough, now one man is being sued by his solicitors for refusing to make a fraudulent claim.

Andrew Hopper, a 52 year old man who was involved in a minor rear-end shunt in the July of 2010, had been initially convinced to make a whiplash claim against the driver of the car who hit him from behind, after being pestered by claims management companies. However, he later thought better of it – especially since the man had been a keen rugby player for most of his life and had grown accustomed to minor injuries – and pulled out of the lawsuit after having misgivings over the honesty involved in making a personal injury claim that he really didn’t need to make.

Proving that no good deed ever goes unpunished, the personal injury solicitors that his claims management company set him up with have taken issue with the decision and told him that he was now responsible for the £1,140 in court costs the law firm incurred in preparing the case so far. Mr Hopper has vowed to fight the legal bill in court.

The deck may be stacked slightly against the man, even though he’s doing the right thing by refusing to go through with an injury claim when he’s no longer feeling the effects of the incident. The no win no fee legal agreement he entered into with the law firm says he’s responsible for legal fees if he pulls out of the case early, so his only true defence will be that he was pressured into bringing the claim in the first place.

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