Raging libidos can cause road traffic accidents

As if we don’t have enough to worry about when we get behind the wheel, now new research says that the raging libidos of some drivers can cause road traffic accidents.

According to a recent research study, more than 2,500 crashes occur on a daily basis because of distracted driving caused by ogling motorists. Taking your eyes off the road to admire a pretty girl or handsome man in the next car can cause all sorts of incidents, from whiplash all the way up to serious, life-altering injuries and worse, yet there are nearly 1 million accidents on a yearly basis because some Brits are just too enamoured with a pretty face

The worst time for rear-end shunts was found to be the summer, when the bulky winter clothes come off and the beach attire comes out. Smashing into lampposts is also much more common in the summer as well, but nobody ever heard of a lamppost making a whiplash claim, so that’s not so bad.

Men are, of course, the worst offenders when it comes to ogling. Six out of every 10 men get easily distracted by a pretty face, while women only take their eyes from the road 12 per cent of the time, the survey found, indicating once more that women are less likely to be blithering idiots behind the wheel.

You don’t even need to be a real live person to cause car crashes in the UK, either, as the number of people admitting to becoming distracted by advertising billboards stood at 21 per cent. It’s good to know that more than one out of every five British drivers have are like magpies, losing concentration at whatever pretty thing they see through their windscreen.

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