Can you treat a sore neck with acupuncture?

Whiplash injuries are notoriously difficult to treat, as modern medicine offers few true treatment methods – but can you use acupuncture to treat your sore neck?

Car accident claims where whiplash injuries feature prominently can be quite expensive for insurance companies to pay. It’s often very hard to disprove a claimant has whiplash, which leads to a high number of successful claims – resulting in increased costs for insurers that in turn cause higher premium prices for drivers – but if there was a way to treat whiplash to minimise its impact, this could be one way of controlling costs for insurers and motorists alike.

The jury is currently out on whether acupuncture can actually be a benefit to those suffering from a whiplash injury in the wake of a road traffic accident. One recent study out of Australia found that pain levels declined in test subjects that received acupuncture, but the percentage was so small that it was most likely statistically insignificant, but there were no adverse affects from undergoing the treatment either.

However, the spirit of the research is definitely in the right place. The medical community needs to explore each and every option open to it in order to reduce the pain and suffering of whiplash victims, not only to alleviate their discomfort but to also minimise expensive personal injury claims volume – especially in the current economic landscape.

If you’re asking whether acupuncture will get you back on your feet quicker than western medical treatments, the answer is ‘maybe not.’ However, if you’re asking whether you have anything to lose from trying it to see if there’s any benefit, you could make worse choices.

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