Are we all a bunch of weak-necked liars?

The number of whiplash claims in the UK are going up by a startling rate even as accident figures decline, leaving many to ponder what in the world is causing the jump.

It’s not like British necks are weaker than those in the rest of the world. It’s also not true that we’re all nothing but a pack of liars – so there’s got to be something else behind the reason the courts are swamped with personal injury claims for whiplash.

Sadly you can’t discount the effect that insurance fraud has on the industry. There are all too many organised gangs out there carrying out ‘cash for crash’ schemes that cause accidents so they can soak innocent drivers’ insurers for as much as they possibly can, which leads to increased insurance premiums as providers have to recover their legal costs from their customers.

Fraud is indeed a problem but it’s not the only issue affecting the volume of car accident claims made by injured drivers and motorists. Many have blamed the negative influence of claims management companies for beating the bushes in terms of engaging in massive cold calling campaigns to look for possible claimants while simultaneously sending out shedloads of unsolicited texts and spam e-mails, and there have even been studies linking high claims volumes to geographical areas where claims management companies are based.

Last but not least is the fact that the economy has left countless Brits scrambling for cash. In pre-recession Britain minor prangs could be settled without adding a bodily injury claim, but with unemployment so high someone involved in an accident may seek to supplement their meagre income by bringing a personal injury claim for the most minor of rear-end shunts, as desperate Brits seek ways to help keep their rental or mortgage payments coming in an environment that has seen their wages frozen or decrease.

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