Frampton comes alive (and spitting mad) after car accident

Legendary musician Peter Frampton came alive in anger after a female driver pranged him from behind in California whilst she was distracted and texting on her mobile.

Fearing that he had suffered a whiplash injury in the road traffic accident – and on the
eve of a new US tour – the rock star went to hospital to be examined for any injuries. The 62 year old rock star tweeted live from the scene of the accident, describing how he had been struck while stationary in traffic on Southern California’s 101 freeway, adding a plea in a subsequent tweet for people to put their mobiles down while behind the wheel.

The famous musician isn’t the only person who’s ever been injured in an accident by a distracted driver. Distractions caused by texting or chatting on a mobile phone can and have led to serious accidents in both the US and in the UK, and many people have become fed up.

There are serious repercussions to being caught using a mobile phone in any capacity while driving in the UK.  You’re subject to at least a £60 fixed penalty and could be in for even worse sanctions if taken to court.

However, texting while driving, which is arguably even more dangerous because you’re taking your eyes off the road, is still going on. Many drivers feel it is safe to do so in slow traffic or at a stop light, but this is where whiplash injuries end up occurring because distracted drivers cause rear-end shunts because they’re engrossed in whatever text message they’re trying to send.

Please, folks: don’t text while drive. You’re only making Peter Frampton cross.


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