Paralympian undeterred by road traffic accident

Undeterred by a road traffic accident that saw her sidelined with whiplash injury, one paralympian says she’s undeterred in her plans to complete in August’s Games.

Rachel Morris had been only six minutes into her time trial in Guildford when a vehicle collided with her handbike, leaving her with injuries to her shoulder and neck and nearly derailing her plans to compete at the 2012 Paralympic Games being held next month. Not only was she nearly sidelined for months due to her condition, which makes injuries incredibly difficult to recover from in a timely manner, her training bike was completely wrecked, leaving her bereft of the specialised equipment she needed to compete in the Paralympics.

However, the athlete’s indomitable spirit left her no choice but to press on with her plans to compete despite the whiplash injuries she suffered in the incident, proclaiming that she will still compete despite the serious loss of training time. Ms Morris is currently undergoing a grueling round of physiotherapy to return her to fighting form, despite being off her bike for a period of two weeks, which is the longest time she’s spent off her bike in the past six years.

The one thing the paralympian doesn’t need to worry about is replacing her bike. Lucky for her, the money needed to replace the expensive and specialised piece of equipment has been raised by the residents of Farnham, her hometown, thanks to the Farnham Lions Club’s launch of a fundraising appeal that collected more than £8,000 in less than a week.

Ms Morris said she was deeply touched by the outpouring of support from her community, and offered her heartfelt thanks to her friends and neighbours.


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