Woman suffers injury after RTA between her car and tractor

Christchurch was the site of a serious road traffic accident recently between a car and a tractor, with one woman suffering whiplash and taken to hospital as a result.

A black Hyundai i30 registered to a Lymington woman and a John Deere tractor collided in an incident at approximately 8am at the junction of Chewton Farm Road and Ringwood Road, located in Walkford. Fire, ambulance, and police services closed the road in order to attend the scene, with the occupants of the car having to be cut free by firefighters.

It was reported that the driver of the Hyundai had sustained whiplash injuries to her neck. She was taken by ambulance to Southampton General Hospital for treatment.

All told, the road was re-opened once more to traffic at 10.30am after Christchurch council were called upon to clean up the remnants of an oil spill. Details are still hazy at this time, with no information yet available if the oil spill played a part in the RTA or if it was the result of the crash.

The identities of those involved in the accident has yet to be revealed to the press, and it is unclear whether there were any other injuries sustained by the driver of the tractor or the other passengers in the Hyundai. However, with at least one person being taken to hospital in order to be treated for whiplash injury, the likelihood of a personal injury compensation claim is high.

Car accidents are considered to be the primary source of claims made for whiplash injury, according to the motor insurance industry.

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