Paralympian struck by car, suffers neck injury

One Paralympic athlete’s plans to compete this August in the 2012 games have been jeopardised after she was struck by a car, causing a whiplash injury that may sideline her.

Paralympic athlete, Rachel Morris, had been competing in a time trial recently in her specially adapted hand-cycle near Guildford when the incident occurred. Ms Morris had only been six minutes into her time trial when a car struck her cycle on the A31, causing an injury to her shoulder and whiplash to her neck in the collision.

The 33 year old Paralympic cyclist now faces a desperate race to return to full health by 29 August, when the London Paralympic Games begin. A veteran of the 2008 Paralympic Games that were held in Beijing, Ms Morris became a double world champion in 2010, all while suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a rare nervous system disorder that causes pain and led to both of her legs having to be amputated, and also contributes to much longer recovery times for her when she suffers injuries of any kind.

Ms Morris is currently being treated by the UK cycling team’s doctor in the hopes that her injuries will be healed in time for her to compete safely. The Paralympic cyclist is also having the personal injury solicitors for the cycling team working on a whiplash claim, which will be brought against the driver of the vehicle that struck her on the A31, and will likely include the costs to replace her cycle, as the crash destroyed one of its wheels.

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