Claims figures soar while number of accidents plummet

We can’t turn our noses up at the litigation-mad US any more, considering how a new survey found that the number of car accident claims soared last year by an eye watering 18 per cent – even as the number of accidents that actually occurred in 2011 dropped like a rock.

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries recently released their annual report, citing figures that its now better for an ‘ambulance chasing’ personal injury solicitor to seek work in the UK than it would be for an American counterpart. The research specifically pointed to the North West as a personal injury claim hotspot, especially when it came to expensive whiplash injury claims.

The IFA’s figures demonstrated that 2011 saw an 11 per cent decrease in the kinds of car accidents that led to third party insurance claims, most likely due to drivers getting behind the wheel less in an effort to incur less in petrol costs, which were painfully high for much of the year. Even as the number of car accidents involving bodily injury declined, the research found an 18 per cent jump in whiplash claims volume – the largest of its kind ever, according to the Institute – and that personal injury compensation payouts have grown by 9 per cent in size.

The IFA also discovered that the geographical areas with the highest claims figures coincided directly with the places claims management firms operate within the UK, a not-so-subtle condemnation of the activities of these firms, especially in light of how they have come under fire in the past for casting a wide net and inundating Brits with unsolicited texts, emails, and phone calls in an effort to drive lucrative claims volume.

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