Watch out for fraudsters staging accidents, motorists warned

Motorists in the Shropshire area have been warned to be on the lookout for criminals who are staging car accidents in their area in the hopes of scoring big on a fraudulent whiplash injury claim.

Police officials issued the warning in the wake of a large number of incidents involving drivers narrowly avoiding getting into a vehicle in front of them on the A41 near Albrighton. These close calls are quite possibly deliberate attempts on the part of a fraudster to cause road traffic accident in order to make a fraudulent car accident claim against the target’s insurer, most likely for whiplash.

Drivers need to stay alert and provide sufficient distance between their car and the one in front of them, urge police. Law enforcement officials also asked motorists to take a note of the registration number of any vehicle exhibiting the kind of behaviour that might lead to an accident.

Reports from drivers have been pouring into police over the past few days, with most incidents involving a lead car turning off extremely abruptly, leading the three vehicles behind to have to suddenly brake. Most motorists suspect that it is all part of an elaborate scam to precipitate an accident, something that a spokesperson for the West Mercia Police said was a distinct possibility, as there have been many reports of similarly staged incidents in many parts of the UK, though simple incidents of bad driving could also be to blame.

Police say to keep either a camera phone or a digital camera handy in the event of being involved in a road traffic accident in the area, taking down as much information as you can in an effort to assist the police in their investigation.

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