It’s not just car accidents you need to worry about

While most people think of whiplash injuries as something relegated to the world of car accidents it’s simply not the case: believe it or not, a run-in with a portable loo left one man with minor whiplash injuries as well.

The injured man, whose name has been withheld from the public, was injured during the Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend while attending the Hunstanton Lifesyles festival, an event which included extreme sports demonstrations such as BMX skills and kitesurfing and also featured live music as well. However, early Saturday morning, when the man paid a visit to the toilets set up for those staying at the event’s campsite, someone pushed the portable toilet cubicle to the ground while he was inside, trapping him within it because the door to the portable loo fell facing the ground.

According to an article in the Eastern Daily Press newspaper, the man sustained injuries to his shoulder and is also suffering from symptoms consistent with a minor form of whiplash in the wake of the incident. Police officials from the area are currently looking for any information or witnesses in regards to the incident, appealing for people to come forward; if you are willing to only report information anonymously, you can call 0800 555 111 in order to contact Crimestoppers, or you can go directly to Hunstanton police as well.

Whether the injured man is going to pursue personal injury compensation for his injuries has not yet been revealed, as his injuries may not meet the threshold for the Criminal Act Compensation Scheme,

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