ABI says 78% of Brits receive unsolicited text or phone call

According to the Association of British Insurers, a massive 78 per cent of adult Brits have been on the receiving end of an unsolicited phone call or text from a claims management company fishing for people interested in making car accident claims – yet  the lion’s share of those surveyed said that they had no grounds to make personal injury compensation claims.

The ABI-commissioned survey, which polled more than 2,600 adult Brits, found that the number of people contacted by claims management firms asking if they had suffered from a whiplash injury or something similar rose to 82 per cent for those living in the capital. A massive 92 per cent of the survey’s respondents indicated that they hadn’t even been involved in such an accident, let alone interested in making a personal injury claim.

The antics of claims management companies has reached a fever pitch, according to the survey’s respondents, with around 75 per cent of them stating that it was time for a crackdown on management firms. The best method selected was banning unsolicited texts and phone calls in order to reduce the amount of whiplash claim fraud, as claims activity for whiplash-related activity has reached epidemic proportions in the UK.

The head of motor and liability for the ABI, James Dalton, commented on the survey results, stating that it is a firm symptom of how dysfunctional the compensation system has become to hear news that unsolicited calls and texts from claims management companies has reached such unwelcome levels. Honest policyholders are the real losers in this situation, added Mr Dalton, as they end up paying insurance premiums that keep climbing ever higher as insurers pass along the costs of settling  incredibly expensive whiplash claims.

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