Village worries dangerous road surfaces could lead to injury

One Somerset village’s dangerous road surfaces are causing serious worries that it will cause trips to Accident and Emergency, it was recently revealed.

There have already been 16 road traffic accidents over the last two or three years on a particular stretch of road in the village of Donyatt, according to local residents. The dangerous spot, Pound Corner on the A358, caused the latest accident this very month when poor road conditions caused a car to slide off the road and go careering into a tree, while three more similar accidents occurred, all on the same day no less, just a few days before the latest incident.

The surface of the road at the corner in question is as slick as an ice-skating rink, according to what concerned villagers told the Chard and Ilminster News. Others have called upon Somerset County Council, the responsible local authority, to run tests upon the surface and take steps to improve the safety of the corner in question before additional car accidents can occur.

One council spokesman responded to the newspaper that, according to their records, there had been no more than two incidents on that stretch of road that led to personal injury over the course of the past two years. While the surface does indeed look safe to visual inspection, the spokesman added that the local authority has agreed to examine the patch of road in much more detail in the immediate future in order to alleviate the fears of the local villagers as best they can.

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