Medical profession bears guilt for accident claim fraud

Medical professionals bear more than a little guilt for their role in the fraudulent whiplash claim epidemic gripping the nation, one MP recently said after learning how one doctor from Yorkshire may have accepted cash in return for signing off on a false whiplash claim.

Dr Muhammad Raheel Shaikh stands accused of helping to write a false claim, with the doctor, who has offices at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, being investigated by the General Medical Council. Insurance costs campaigner David Ward, MP for Bradford East, said that if the investigation bears fruit, then it is proof positive that the medical profession has much to atone for if they have been contributing to the problem, as spurious personal injury claims run up costs for insurers that are passed along to customers through massive rate hike increases.

The allegations include Dr Shaikh charging £250 for 18 minutes of his time.  The Dewsbury native supposedly agreed to vouch for a claimant, even though there was no detectable evidence of an injury of any kind. The incident, which was actually staged in an effort to demonstrate the depths that some dishonest doctors will go to earn a few extra pounds, occurred earlier this month at a clinic in Wakefield.

It was an inevitability that medical professionals had at least some involvement in fraud cases, said Mr Ward, adding that with the insurance claims business being such a lucrative endeavour, it comes as no surprise that so many have tried to get a piece of the pie, even though the massive increase in both value and volume of personal injury compensation claims have made honest drivers have to pay through the nose for their insurance cover.

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