Care, not cash, for RTA victims, is the way to go

Industry experts say that the best option for whiplash injury victims may not be massive personal injury compensation payouts but the provision of care designed to alleviate pain and promote healing.

One of the biggest problems with managing whiplash medically is that the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence has yet to come forward with a proper plan of treatment.  However, medical professionals say that a battery of around six physiotherapy sessions can often provide much more relief than even a substantial whiplash compensation award.

One such way to alleviate suffering would be for insurers to offer vouchers to anyone suffering from whiplash, good for a set number of physiotherapy visits to providers approved by the insurer.  One of the major benefits of such a scheme would be access to effective treatment early on that would not have a prejudicial affect on any liability claims in the future, experts say; the added benefit that a good number of claimants will no longer pursue claims after successful treatment from physiotherapists will work to control costs – especially since a handful of visits to a physiotherapist will be much less expensive than a costly legal battle.

While many may say that the legal industry could be left out in the cold with such an arrangement, personal injury solicitors would still play an important role; claimants with injuries associated with whiplash that do not respond well to physiotherapy will still need to be compensated.  Moreover, with much being made of the number of fraudulent claims driving up costs for insurers, an additional step of requiring six physiotherapy sessions would make it much easier to weed out false or spurious claims, thus reducing costs even further, experts say.

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