New neck injury test developed by physiotherapist

A physiotherapist from Aylesbury has developed a new and possibly much more accurate way of testing for whiplash injury that could see insurers saving millions while simultaneously bringing premium prices under control, experts say.

Don Gatherer, athlete physiotherapist to many sports stars, has been practicing medicine for more than four decades.  His experience has led him to developing a new test involving computer-aided analysis that could make a big difference when it comes to weeding out spurious whiplash claims.

The current method of making determinations regarding whiplash have only one requirement – that the claimant is actually, legitimately in pain.  However, fraudsters have taken advantage of this, convincing credulous GPs that they are actually suffering in order to clear the way to make a whiplash injury claim against an insurer.

Now, the new test as developed by Gatherer can quantitatively measure how injured someone is by keeping track of how much their neck can actually handle in the way of a physical load.  Identifying the problem can lead to an identification of how extensive the damage is – or if it’s simply a case of a criminal being a particularly good actor, he said, and is the first time that objective analysis is actually possible regarding whiplash.

Patients undertake a battery of tests using equipment hooked up to a computer in order to allow the specialised software to examine the nature of their injuries.  Gatherer can then peruse the analysis, identify actual instances of whiplash, and set the injured person straight by assigning them a programme designed to allow them to recover from the painful setback, all within less than two hours.

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