Brits largely in support of government clampdown

It may not come as much of a surprise, but recent research carried out by a well-known comparison website found that the nation’s motorists are largely in support of a government clampdown on personal injury compensation cases where whiplash injuries play a significant part.

The recently conducted opinion poll saw a staggering nine out of every ten surveyed admit that they would be more than glad to see a strategy put in place by the government  that would act as a deterrent to people making spurious whiplash claims.  With research from the AA indicating that fraudulent whiplash claims cost insurers around £2 billion a year, which leads to premiums increasing by £90 on average for every policyholder, it’s no wonder that Brits are overwhelmingly in favour of such new legislation.

The plans currently being formulated by the government include the introduction of new regulations that will require alleged victims of whiplash injury will not be able to make a claim without first being assessed by an independent medical professional.  This differs from the current situation in the UK, where a cursory examination of a claimant’s GP is enough to qualify them to make their claim.

One of the comparison site’s insurance experts, Peter Harrison, commented on the news, stating that the new government clampdown is a welcome first step for drivers in the UK who are fed up with their massive insurance bills.  Until these new changes come into effect, Mr Harrison recommended motorists control their driving costs as best they can in the meantime.

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